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Elite coaching to help players get the most enjoyment and success out the game


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Mission Statement

To create technically gifted players that are good at every aspect of the game so that they can achieve the greatest amount of success and enjoyment. 

Academy Overview

What will players learn 

The focus of our Academy is the holistic technical development of our players. This means that players will learn the 4 core skills that cover most aspects of the game. These are

  1. First touch/Ball control
  2. Striking the ball (passing, shooting, crossing)
  3. 1v1 attacking (dribbling and skill moves)
  4. 1v1 defending (positioning tackling, timing)

In addition to learning the above core skills, players will also be taught both basic and advanced principles of the game. Players will then be given the chance to apply these skills and principles immediately in a game realistic environment. This is the most crucial step as players often struggle to take what happens in training into a game

Why do we have an Academy? 

Our Academy was created in response to the growing number of private academies in the Manly Warringah Football Association. This growth in the private sector of football displayed a desire from those playing for not only extra training. But, training of a higher quality than was currently being provided.

This was not an issue until the private academies decided to start there own competition called the Premier Academy League. This led to a number of players leaving local clubs and in tern the Australian football pathway.

This has since led to local MWFA clubs starting up there own extra training and academy programs. We(CC Strikers) being the biggest club in the MWFA as of 2021 are no excpetion to this and in 2021 launched our Academy.

Does the Academy have an impact on grading?

Yes and no, Academy Kids are not 100% guaranteed a spot in the top team of their age group simply because they choose to be in the Academy. They must still be of the required standard within their age group.

However, if the grading team cannot decide between two players where one or both are in the Academy. The Academy Director’s input will be called upon to provide insight into those two players in order to help make the correct decision in regard to what team they will be placed in.

The Academy also has an impact on grading when you consider that any player participating in the Academy receives not only a greater volume of training but also a greater quality of training from paid, licensed, professional coaches.

Is The academy only open to division 1 players?

No, our academy is open to players of all skill levels as we trust that our program and coaching staff can help any player develop.

Are the sessions mixed or gender separated?

In general yes the sessions are gender separated. However, if requested we would consider the option of, for example one of the girls joining the boys. We would then do a trial run to see if the player was being challenged appropriately and if the player was also comfortable socially as that forms an important part of the experience.

Wet Weather Plan

It is the eventual plan of the club to source an artificial or indoor facility in the future so that there is no need for a wet weather plan.

However, until that time arises we are at the mercy of mother nature. As such here is our wet weather plan. We will run sessions during the holiday on the exiting weekdays and or Saturday/Sunday morning. These days are free as kids do not play during the holidays.

Player unavailability

If players are sick or away, they will still have to pay for the sessions that they do not attend throughout the term.

Sessions run throughout the term in an attempt to make them as accessible as possible. It is your choice to go away during this time. It is unfair on the academy staff and non-academy players who miss out due to sessions being full that existing players are able to reserve their spot and not pay for it.

This is also the position we take on players being minorly sick or injured. We understand that people do not get sick on purpose but we cannot reserve or hold someone’s spot if they have a cold when we have such a demand to get into the program.

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